Player bios

The names of Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chen or Tom Dwan are widely recognised even outside of poker. They gained popularity by featuring on poker TV-shows in the early 2000s. Their bios as well as some other notable players can be found here.

Some of the most popular offline tournament series include:

  • EPT (European Poker Tour);
  • WSOP (World Series of Poker);

Winning a bracelet or some other trophy is a dream for many tournament poker players and a feat few manage to achieve.

Contrary to popular belief poker is a game of skill not a game of luck. Better player wins in the long run but it does not guarantee success in any given tournament or series of tournaments. For example, only two players managed to win EPT main events twice throughout the entire history of EPT.

Online poker is very different from live so most mtt players operate mainly online for a number of reasons. Online mtts also have a number of staple prestigious events like weekly Sunday Million. Such tournaments attract tens of thousands of entries and require a unique blend of luck and skill to win.

Top live mtt players are inducted into poker hall of fame. It has some controversial inclusions but mostly hosts legends of the game and som eof the best players in the world.

This page aims to provide information on some of the most iconic figures in the poker world as well as some less known pros. Their history of success can be an inspiration for anyone not just in poker but life in general.