Freerolls are free of charge poker tournaments with real money prizes. Prizefund is guaranteed by the poker room itself or it's partners. Freerolls provide an opportunity for new players to get into the game.

Freeroll prize funds are typically hundreds of dollars however occasionally prize pools can reach tens of thousands.

There are 3 types of freerolls:

    1. Unrestricted
    2. Regional
    3. Private (accessible via password)

All freerolls are free to enter however some of them include rebuy and add-on options. Such tournaments are called freebuys.

Quality of play is significantly lower in freerolls which increases competent player’s edge in such games.

Where to look for freerolls?

Most poker rooms have daily freerolls. You can find schedule on our website complete with tournament name, date, time, prize pool, and entry conditions.

Freerolls can also be found via poker room lobbies by filtering the tournament lobby to display freerolls.

Freeroll tickets are often part of promotions such as first deposit bonuses, Spin&Go prizes etc.

Official websites and social media pages often contain freeroll information as well as email messages to registered users.

What are the prizes on offer?

Usually, prize pools consist of money. Sometimes other valuables are distributed:

  • Tournament or satellite tickets;
  • Live event packages;
  • Branded electonics and poker room merchandise.

Password protected freerolls advantages

Password protected freerolls have fewer players making it more likely to win a prize. The prize fund is usually higher too.

Freeroll schedule

Most of these games are held on the biggest most popular platforms however smaller poker rooms make sure to run occasional freerolls as well.

We publish password protected freerolls in our schedule as well as unrestricted ones.