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Poker bonuses are an integral part of online poker making it much more convenient and affordable to get started playing poker online. There are many kinds of bonuses mostly designed to boost the amount of funds available and to keep players engaged on a regular basis.

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All bonuses can be classified as deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. Exact terms and conditions vary for the most part deposit bonuses require accumulation of rake over a period of time and are released incrementally while non-deposit bonuses are one-time instant bonuses like mtt tickets or cash rewards.

Non — deposit poker bonus 2021

Non — deposit bonuses are some of the best 2020 bonuses since they don’t require a deposit. This type of bonus is recommended for beginners. Sometimes bonuses are handed out for registration and account verification as well as completing the tutorial or special missions.

These bonuses can be released as tickets for certain games of money. This allows beginners to participate in real money games without initial investment. Another common way of getting players onboard is special restricted tournaments with real money prizes.

It is possible to withdraw bonus money once the conditions for bonus clearance have been met. These usually include generating a certain amount of rake and/or an initial time period during which bonus money can not be withdrawn. It is only possible to withdraw funds once a deposit has been made via same payment method.

Truly «free» non-deposit bonuses are very rare as most poker rooms prefer first deposit bonuses or design non-deposit bonuses to require a deposit to clear.

Deposit bonuses

These are the most common bonuses designed to incentivise and reward deposits. Usually include one or more of the following:

  • Tournament $ that can be used to enter any tournaments;
  • Bonus cash released in increments as player accumulates rake;
  • Tournament tickets and exclusive freeroll tournaments for depositors.

The only requirement is making a deposit. Usually minimum deposit is 5-20$ depending on the platform anf payment method used. Rewards are usually worth 100%-200% of deposit’s value. First deposit bonus is the most common one however bonuses for first 3-5 deposits and reload bonuses are also used.

There is usually a maximum for deposit bonuses typically ranging between 600$-2,000$. Some poker rooms offer no cap on first deposit bonus. In such cases the bonus is limited by a shorter time period to clear and lack of games at higher stakes.

Poker bonuses pros and cons

The main advantages are as follows:

  • The ability to play poker and win real money prizes with no initial investment;
  • Easy to meet eligibility criteria;
  • Released immediately once the conditions are met;
  • Every poker room has a bonus program so it is possible to hop between poker rooms and accumulate multiple bonuses.

There are some disadvanatges however:

  • Usually only first time depositors are eligible. If everyone is eligible the bonus is usually very small;
  • Often require to accumulate a large amount of rake in a limited time period;
  • Require account verification to be cleared;
  • One-time irregular promotions.


Any type of bonus represents added value for the player. Most poker rooms ensure that bonuses can be cashed out once the requirements have been met. Bonuses are usually designed to allow all eligible players to get some value out of it even if the don’t meet all the conditions. A good example of this is the incremental release of first deposit bonuses usually in 5$-20$ chunks.

You can find all relevant 2020 bonus offers on our website. We have collected information from various poker rooms. These include industry leaders as well as some less — known poker rooms. The latter often have more lucrative bonus programs to attract new players.