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Natural8 is one of the poker rooms in Asian GGNetwork network, designed for recreational players. This poker room is famous for its generous bonus program, weak playing field and modern software with a lot of additional features like All-in insurance, buy and sell of tournament shares and Smart HUD.

Public freerolls are regularly organized at Natural8, for which players do not anything, but get the opportunity to win real money. The prize pool in these tournaments is formed by poker room or its partners and is often $100-200. Its size is guaranteed and does not depend on the number of players.

The playing field in Natural8 freerolls is rather weak, because most of the participants here are new players, and the rare regulars are playing very risky here.

Types of freerolls Natural8

All Natural8 freerolls are divided into 2 types:

  1. Open, where every poker room player can participate.
  2. Closed, where you must enter a password or have a ticket.

Of course, the most attractive are closed freerolls — the number of participants in them is less, and the prize pool is higher.

Schedule of freerolls at Natural8

At Natural8 several freerolls are constantly held with a warranty of $10 or more:

— Celestial Freeroll with $10 prize — 10-12 times a day;

— $500 First Depositors Freeroll — every Sunday two times (entry by ticket for first deposit);

— Freeroll to N8GGMasters with draw of 10 seats for Sunday GGMasters tournament with $500,000 guarantee — every Sunday at 16:00 MSK.

Besides, regular freerolls from poker room partners with a guarantee of $50 or $100 are also held at Natural8.

To see the list of upcoming free tournaments of Natural8, just open the lobby poker room, select the «Tournaments» tab and in the «Buy-in» sort out only freerolls.

Open freerolls can be sorted by start time, name, number of players and prize fund size.

How to find passwords to freerolls

To participate in Closed freerolls at Natural8, you must enter a password, which can be found in one of the following ways:

  1. On the official Natural8 Twitter page.
  2. On third-party poker sites and social networks.
  3. On special Telegram channels with automatic distribution of passwords to freerolls of various poker rooms.
  4. Directly on this page or in the «Freerolls» section of our website.

You can also access some closed freerolls by completing certain tasks in the poker room, such as making your first deposit or inviting a new player.

Natural8 Official website

Prizes at Freerolls

Most often the prize of Natural8 freerolls is real money, which can be used for further play in the poker room or withdrawn from the account. However, sometimes at free tournaments other prizes are drawn — tickets to major tournaments.

All Natural8 tournaments

A huge number of GGNetwork network tournaments with buy-ins from $0.2 to $25,000 (for individual events) are held at Natural8. The following tournaments stand out among them:

  1. GGMasters Sunday Tournament with a $500,000 guarantee and $150 buy-in. The best player of these tournaments at the end of the year becomes an official Natural8 ambassador.
  2. Daily Bounty Hunters tournaments with awards for knockout are available for $2.1, $10.5, $31.5 and $63. Tournaments with buy-ins of $10.5 or more can be accessed through satellites.
  3. The most available Phoenix Re-buy tournaments with buy-ins of $0.2 or $1 and guarranty of $100 or $300 respectively.
  4. Daily Guarantee tournaments with buy-ins from $2 to 100$. Possible to enter through satellites.
  5. Regular Omaholic tournaments of omaha with buy-ins of $1, $5, $10,5 and $21 (tournaments with the last two buy-ins have knock-out-out awards).
  6. Short Spin&Gold tournaments, where 3 players participate and the amount of prize is determined randomly and can exceed the amount of buy-in thousand times. The entry is $1, $3, $5, $10, $20 or $50.

Natural8 freerolls is a great opportunity for all new players and amateurs to form their own bankroll without putting their own money at risk.

Its important though to check out the schedule of these free tournaments regularly, because passwords to Natural8 freerolls appear only 30-60 minutes before they start. You can always find the current schedule of freerolls of this poker room and the passwords to them on our website.

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