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PokerStars freerolls give a great opportunity to play in this poker room without any cash deposits, but with the opportunity to win real money.

Freerolls are tournaments in which players can participate for free, but still get a chance to win a share of the total money prize. The prizes are provided by the poker room or its partners and is often $50 or $100.

Sometimes at PokerStars it is also possible to take part in more rare freerolls with prizes of few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A feature of PokerStars freerolls is that majority of participants are not hard-to-win players, as most of them here are new players. Every more or less experienced player has a higher chance of qualifying for the prize area.

The prize pool of any freeroll is announced in advance and is not tied to the number of participants.

Freeroll Types on PokerStars

All PokerStars freerolls are divided into 2 types by access level:

  1. Public, where any poker room player can register.
  2. Private, which can only be accessed by password or ticket.

Private freerolls are considered more advantageous, because the prize pool is usually bigger and the number of participants is lower than in public free tournaments.

Freeroll schedule on PokerStars

A number of freerolls are held daily at PokerStars, some of which are held regularly, according to a schedule.

Partner sites also hold free poker tournaments at PokerStars.

To find free tournaments at PokerStars visit main page of the poker room page, select the «Tournaments» tab and specify freerolls in the «Buy-in» filter.

The start time, the prize and the number of players of each free tournament are indicated in the list.

How to find passwords to freerolls

Definitely, it is much more profitable to play in private freerolls, as the prizes are more generous, the number of participants is lower, hence the chances of winning big increase significantly. You can find passcodes to PokerStars private freerolls in several places:

  • The PokerStars pages on social networks;
  • Telegram channels, where you receive passcodes to freerolls of different poker rooms;
  • At various poker websites and forums;
  • Here on this page or in the Freerolls section of our website.

Some freerolls at PokerStars can be entered using tickets, which are rewarded for certain tasks such as making a deposit.

To play at a private freeroll, you need to open the main page of that free tournament, click on the «Play» button and then enter your passcode.

What can you win on the freerolls

The games at most PokerStars freerolls are held with real money, which can then be used for playing further in the poker room and building a bankroll. Sometimes free tournaments suggest other prizes:

  • Tickets for tournaments.
  • Tickets for satellite tournaments online or offline.
  • Tournament money — only to enter tournaments or cash games.
  • Attributes from the Rewards Store.
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All PokerStars tournaments

PokerStars is the world’s largest poker room by number of tournaments – the games doesn’t stop 24 hours a day across all buy-in ranges, except the highest. Such regular tournaments are the following:

  1. “Sunday Million” tournament with $1 million guarantee and $109 buy-in. It is also available via satellites for $0.55, $1.1, $5.50, $11 and $37.5.
  2. Daily “Big” and “Bigger” tournaments with buy-ins from 0.55$ to 215$. They always have a few thousand participants and have solid guarantees.
  3. Daily Bounty Builder tournaments with awards for beating out and buy-ins from 0.55$ to 530$.
  4. Sunday “Storm” Tournament with a minimum 225,000$ guarantee and 11$ buy-in. You can also participate in it through satellites for $0.33, $0.4 and $1.1.
  5. Daily most available tournaments with $1.1$ buy-in and up to 3,000$ guarantee.
  6. “Micro Fast Friday” tournament each Friday with $20,000 guarantee and $2.2 buy-in.
  7. High Roller Club tournaments with buy-ins of $530, $1,050, 2,100 and above. Takes place on different days of the week, but most often on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A distinctive feature of PokerStars tournaments is that they are available in absolutely all buy-in ranges, i.e. every player can take part in them. Even micro-limit tournaments have impressive guarantees that are regularly exceeded.

Moreover, you can get into almost all tournaments through satellites for a few cents or a few dollars.

PokerStars freerolls provide all players with an incredible opportunity to start playing in this poker room without any cash investment and form a good bankroll for real money tournaments. Find a schedule of free tournaments of PokerStars on our website.


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