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PokerStars, as the biggest online poker room in the world, has the largest variety of tournaments. There is a wide range of buy-ins to these tournaments, thus every player can participate in them.

Types of tournaments on PokerStars

Hundreds of tournaments are held every day at PokerStars, including the following types:

  1. Regular — classic multi-table tournaments;
  2. Knockouts — an award-winning knockout event, where half of the prize pool is spent on forming payouts for bounties of rivals;
  3. Re-buy – type of PokerStars tournaments with the possibility of re-entry to the game into case of loss (the number of re-buys per player is usually limited);
  4. Sit&Go (SnG) — short tournaments with up to 45 players (sometimes 180), starting as soon as the required number of players register;
  5. Zoom — quick poker tournaments, where after each fold a player moves to another table.

Less common are PokerStars tournaments with other formats – shoot-out, multi-stake, multi-day, time-limited and others.

Stakes of PokerStars tournaments

PokerStars tournaments have all kinds of stakes: from $0.01 to $25,000. They are divided into:

  1. Micro — up to 5$;
  2. Low — $5 to 19$;
  3. Mid $19 to $100;
  4. High — from 100$ and above.

As the buy-ins range is diverse enough for everyone to play PokerStars tournaments according to their budgets.

Major PokerStars tournaments

At PokerStars hundreds of tournaments for money take place and almost all are held regularly. The largest tournaments by number of participants are:

  1. Sunday Million — a weekly tournament with a $1 million guarantee and 109$ buy-in, held every Sunday;
  2. Mini Sunday Million — a weekly tournament with a $125,000 prize and $22 buy-in, held every Sunday;
  3. Sunday Storm — another regular Sunday tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $125,000 and a $11 buy-in;
  4. Mini Sunday Marathon — a Saturday tournament with a draw of at least $20,000 and a buy-in of $5.50.
  5. Micro Fast Friday — Friday tournament with a guarantee of $10k and 2.20$ buy-in.

This is far from a complete list of PokerStars tournaments in 2020. There are also Bounty Builder, Big, Bigger, Hot, Hotter tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $0.55 to $215. All of them are held room daily.

PokerStars Tournaments Schedule

PokerStars tournaments schedule is available on main page. The schedule is available one week in advance but some important tournaments with a later start date can also be displayed here.

You can find a PokerStars tournament by using the filter, sorting or search functions.

PokerStars Tournament Tips

To make the player experience on PokerStars tournaments as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, the following tips may be useful:

  1. Choose buy-ins for tournaments according to your ability and skill. The difficulty level in more expensive competitions is, on average, higher.
  2. Do not open many PokerStars tournaments at the same time. Each player must decide how many games he can participate at: from 1 for beginner to 12-14 for Pro.
  3. Carefully examine the structure of a particular tournament before entering it. If you enter the game at a late registration stage, you should take this into account.

The last recommendation for PokerStars tournaments is to always remember that a loss in one event should not affect the game on other table. If you were not successful in a tournament emotions may drive you to act with a higher risk in the other – you should not do that.

How to make money at PokerStars tournaments

There is no one specific recommendation, that would allow you to start earning money at PokerStars tournaments. You just need to be an experienced player, be able to combine a careful and aggressive game style, have enough patience and be able to control your emotions.


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