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Today devices on Android operating system are popular among users, who doesn’t like to spend time at the computer all the time. The developers of Titan Poker released the app on Android for them, which everyone can download.

Let’s take a closer look at what is Titan Poker on Android and how to download it.

Get the Titan Poker app

How to download the app?

You can download the game app from the official site. To download Titan Poker on Android you need to:

  1. Allow the installation of programs from external sources in the settings.
  2. Install a latest version of Flash Player. You will not be able to launch the app without it.
  3. Disable incognito mode. This is only necessary in some cases, if security settings require it.
  4. Visit the official website of poker room and open the section with software for mobile apps.
  5. Upload the file for Android OS by clicking the link.

After Titan Poker app is downloaded, open it and confirm the installation of the app on the device.

The website offers two options for downloading:

— Downloading app by sending an SMS message. It is necessary to specify the user’s country and phone number.

— Downloading scanning a QR code. In this case the downloading will happen instantly.

When the user starts to install the app, he will be able to register a new account. If the player has already got an account, he can use his data to access the app.

The Poker Room outlook

Two basic principles are the most important for this company: security for users and comfortable playing at the website. Many customers like to play Titan Poker on Android, so it is very popular.

The developers provided the Android app with functionality similar to PC. The interface was redesigned for phone screens. Advantages of the app:

— Ability to participate in tournaments;

— Access to bonus programs;

— Wide choice of bonuses and special offers.

The application offers users to open up to 4 tables simultaneously. Be aware of some peculiarities of mobile app. If a player needs to switch from mobile to browser of PC, he will have to re-enter to his account. And it is not possible to play simultaneously from several devices, using the same account.

To ensure security for users, the mobile app has special functions to protect personal data.


Installing the Titan Poker Android app allows to play any time when the device is connected to Internet. The user can play for real money, as well as on virtual chips.

Also the following feature are available for mobile app users:

— Authorization or registration of an account;

— Account top-up;

— Withdrawal of funds;

— Participation in tournaments and the bonus programs.

The developers have also made sure, that in case of a smartphone loss, nobody could use the account. Each authorization in the program requires a special password, which is made up by the player. If the device was lost, the user must inform the support team about it, so that the player’s account is not available to third parties.

If during the game the user makes a call, the app is switched to a special mode, and after the call, you need to restart the app. On mobile device the user can play all available types of poker:

— Cash games;

— Multi-table tournaments;

— Fast poker.

The number of tables in the game is increased or decreased by «+» and «-» keys. If there are any questions or difficulties during the game, the client can contact the support team by calling the hotline or online chat.
Titan Poker Android app is popular among players. You can enjoy the game and earn money. There is no need to sit at desktop. Now you can play poker from wherever you are any time you like with a mobile device and good internet.

Get the Titan Poker app
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