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The official website of Titan Poker is often blocked by internet providers in some countries as an illegal gambling platfrom. The most convenient way to bypass this is the Titan Poker mirror.

Titan Poker Mirror is an alternative version of the official website, which differs from it only by a changed domain. This allows the mirror website to open despite the blocking of the original website. The functionality, interface and content of this alternative Titan Poker platform is similar.

Titan Poker Mirror Safety

It is safe to use the Titan Poker mirror from any point of view, as this platform is created by the poker room internal specialists and uses all necessary encryption and data protection systems.

Where to find the working mirror of Titan Poker

You can find Titan Poker working mirror by just searching for the Titan Poker Mirror in internet or on third-party poker resources. You can also get a link to the current Titan Poker mirror on the official Titan Poker website by contacting support team at supportru@titanpoker.com

To enter the Titan Poker mirror, simply follow the link found or provided by support team.

Titan Poker mirror

Other ways to bypass blocks

The mirror of official Titan Poker website is not the only way access website, despite the blocks. You can use other methods for this purpose:

  1. Install a VPN to change the real IP address: for example, to German or Canadian (in these countries the Titan Poker site is not blocked).
  2. Use an anonymous Tor browser, where no information about the users is recorded.
  3. Login to the Titan Poker website through a web anonymizer, i.e. from someone else’s anonymous IP address.
  4. Use the Opera browser in turbo mode: it opens most blocked sites.

All these ways to enter a blocked Titan Poker website are efficient in many countries.

But the most convenient way to access the Titan Poker is still a mirror, as it doesn’t require downloading any third-party software and doesn’t slow down the Internet speed.

Mirror for playing with smartphones

If the mirror of desktop Titan Poker does not support online poker games, the mirror of the mobile version has this function. On the mobile mirror Titan Poker cash games and tournaments (including fast poker “Speed”) for real money are available, as well as making cash transactions.

You can find the Titan Poker smartphone mirror similarly: in the search, on third-party poker websites or by contacting the Poker room support by e-mail.

Titan Poker Mobile mirror


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