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Today 888 Poker players can download and install an iPhone or iPad app for free. The new mobile software in similar to a desktop app by functionality. With mobile app you can play poker wherever you are, no more sitting at the desktop.

Let’s consider in more details the 888 Poker app for iPhone, how to download it and its advantages.

How to download

Before downloading a mobile app, it is recommended to register at 888 Poker using computer. It will allow to receive a welcome bonus, which later can be spent on bets in games.

It is possible to download the app usig three ways, each of them will be considered in detail.

Download 888 poker app now


To download the app from the AppStore, the user will need:

— Change the settings of the program ID, as the poker software of 888 Poker is not available in all countries. To do this, in the settings open the section with the username and select the Apple ID. After that you will see the available address and select the desired item or the required country.

— In online store enter the name of the room in the search box.

From the list of results choose an app with Real Money mark, which will allow you to play for real money.

After that it only remains to confirm the download and installation of the app on the iPhone.

iTunes on your computer

This option is good for those, who don’t want to spend mobile Internet traffic. You can first download the app on your computer. For this you need:

— Connect your smartphone or tablet to your PC.

— Open iTunes on your computer.

— In the search box enter the name of the poker room.

— Choose an app with a real money mark to play with cash.

Then confirm the download and drag the downloaded file to your mobile device. After that just open the archive and confirm the installation of the software. Sometimes a real money app is not available. In this case the user should change the geographic region.

The official site of poker room

If you do not want to change your location in the app, you can always download the software from the official page of the poker room. To do this it is necessary:

— Visit the official website of 888 Poker room. You can do it from your computer browser or mobile device.

— Go to «How to play» tab.

— Open «All platforms» and select «Mobile».

— Choose the appropriate 888 Poker iPhone app.

To download the software specify phone number, e-mail or scan a QR code, where there downloading link is located. After that the downloading of the program will start automatically. No more than 2-3 minutes to wait. Then only install the app from the mobile device.

Features and functionality

Mobile app of 888 Poker on iPhone or iPad does not differ in functionality from the desktop version of the poker room. A big difference is the simplified interface. The developers have optimized it for touch screens.

The app gives registered players all opportunities for a comfortable game.The main features of the app:

— Wide range of cash games and tournaments;

— Deposit and withdrawal of funds;

— Generous bonus program.

The default language of the program is English. If necessary, it can be changed. To do this, run the software and press the button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the application users can play for real money as well as virtual chips. What is popular::

— Texas Hold’em;

— Omaha;

— Seven Card Stud.

Other types of poker are also available: use filters and search option to find the type you want.

Download 888 poker app now

Advantages and disadvantages

The 888 Poker app on iPhone has many advantages, including:

— Whereever you find internet – you can play poker;

— No need to sit constantly at the computer;

— A wide range of games available;

— Regular updates of the software with modifications and improvements;

— Full functionality of the desktop version available in mobile app.

Among disadvantages of the mobile app is that you can’t choose a table to play at. During the search the software selects a table itself, at which the player will play. Also users will not be able to open several tables simultaneously on a smartphone or tablet. However, the developers plan to fix this drawback.

Mobile app of 888 Poker for iPhone is a great opportunity to bet whereever you want and whenever you want. Now you do not need to constantly sit in front of computer screen to make bets.

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