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888 Poker is a major British poker room with a wide variety of cache games, tournaments and satellites. Among them there are many freerolls, where you can fight for real money without tournament fee. The prize fund in them is formed at the expense of the poker room itself or its partners.

Daily at 888 Poker there are at least 15 freerolls available for most poker room players.

Freerolls and tournaments in 888 Poker

Freerolls are free tournaments, for participation in which the player does not pay anything, but gets a chance to win real money. The prize pool in 888 Poker Freerolls is guaranteed and does not depend on the number of participants. As a rule, in 888 Poker it ranges from 50$ to 1,000$, but sometimes unique freerolls with a guarantee up to 100,000$ are organized here.

Such tournaments are a good opportunity for all new 888 Poker players to get acquainted with this poker room without any tournament fees and to accumulate a starting bankroll.

Often the playing field in freerolls in 888 Poker is considered to be quite weak, because they are mostly played by new players. The only exceptions are free tournaments for users with a certain VIP level in the poker room, where there are many regulators.

Types of freerolls in 888 Poker

There are several types of freerolls in 888 Poker, depending on the requirements for participation:

  • Publicly available to all poker room players.
  • For users who have deposited at least once in the poker room.
  • For first time poker players who have made a deposit at 888 Poker.
  • For users with the required VIP level;
  • With access by password.
  • With access by ticket obtained in the games Fortune Trail and Lucky Chip.

The type of each freeroll and the conditions of participation in it are usually specified directly in its name. For example, $888 Twitter Freeroll is a freeroll for subscribers of 888 Poker on the social network Twitter.

How to find freerolls in 888 Poker

To find freerolls in 888 Poker, just log in to the poker room under your account, open the «Tournaments» section and then sort the proposed competitions by the size of buy-in. At the very beginning of the list of available tournaments you will see freerolls for all upcoming dates. You can find out the prize fund of the freeroll of interest directly on its page.

Schedule of freerolls in 888 Poker

At least 15 different freerolls are held daily at 888 Poker, some free tournaments are held on a permanent basis with the following conditions of participation:

  • $1,000 Facebook Free Tournament on the first Monday of each month — to place likes in the 888 Poker group on Facebook, passwords are posted on the same day the tournament starts;
  • $500 Depositors daily at 22:30 (MSC) — tickets to 7 tournaments of the series can be received for making the first deposit;
  • $1,000 Depositors every Saturday at 11:30 and 20:03 — tickets to 2 tournaments are issued for the first deposit;
  • $200 Daily Freeroll several times a day at different times — available for all players who have made at least one deposit in the poker room;
  • First Depositors’ Challenge Tournament with drawing of 10 tickets to the Sunday Challenge Tournament — tickets to the Freeroll are available for the first deposit.

In addition to the freerolls listed above, 888 Poker offers monthly free tournaments for players of each level in the VIP poker room program. The amount of prize money in these freerolls depends only on the player’s status in 888 Poker.

How to find passwords to freerolls

Often, freerolls with the largest prize funds are restricted, that is, you can get into them only by password. In such closed tournaments there are much fewer players, which increases the chances of each of them to get into the prize zone with significant payments. There are several ways to find passwords to freerolls 888 Poker:

  • On official 888 Poker pages on Twitter and Facebook social networks.
  • On the sites of poker room partners who organize freerolls under their auspices.
  • In the electronic mailings 888 Poker for registered users.
  • In the «Freerolls» section of our website or directly on this page.

Passwords for closed freerolls immediately appear on our site after their publication in social networks or other resources.

In addition, passwords to some 888 Poker freerolls can be obtained at the Poker Room itself by performing certain missions.

What are the freerolls prizes

In the absolute majority of freerolls, the prizes are real money, which can be used for further play in 888 Poker or withdrawn from the account. However, in some free tournaments you can win other prizes:

  • Tournament money only for playing 888 Poker;
  • Tickets for larger tournaments;
  • Clothing, electronics and paraphernalia from the 888 Poker brand store;
  • Live Poker Membership Package with paid accommodation, food and pocket expenses.

For example, in some freerolls you can win a ticket to the Aussie Millions Poker Championship or World Series of Poker.

It should be noted that any prizes in freerolls 888 Poker are profitable and have a certain value for the player.

All Tournaments 888 Poker

  • Every hour in 888 Poker starts more than 45 tournaments in all ranges of buy-ins from $ 0.01 to $320 (higher for special competitions and high rollers). The most famous and profitable of them are the following tournaments:
  • Weekly The Mega Series Sunday tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $3 to $215. It consists of 5 tournaments with a total guarantee over $200,000. You can access these tournaments through numerous satellites.
  • Weekly Sunday Challenge tournament with a $25,000 guarantee and a tournament fee of $109.
  • The Whale Sunday High Roller with a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000 and buy-in of $320. You can also access the Whale Sunday High Roller through satellites that cost from a few cents.
  • Daily Big Fish tournaments with low buy-ins of $5.50, $16.5 and $33. You can qualify for these tournaments through satellites with buy-ins from 0.5$, as well as when you win a ticket to a Lucky Chip game.
  • Daily tournaments with progressive knockout The PKO with buy-ins from 1$ to 88$ and tables for 6, 8 or 9 players.
  • SNAP tournaments, in which players after each foul move to another table and get new cards. The size of the tournament fee for these competitions is from 0.5$ to 3.30$.
  • BLAST short tournaments with 3 players, where the prize fund is determined randomly and can exceed the tournament fee of 10,000 times. You can enter these games for 0.1$, 1$, 5$, 15$, 30$ and 100$.

By the way, some inexpensive tournaments 888 Poker with buy-ins of 0.5$ can also be accessed for free, using tournament tickets of the appropriate value. You can get them as a non-deposit bonus for registration in this poker room (2 daily tickets worth $0.5 within 8 days after registration).

The freerolls at 888 Poker Room are a great opportunity to play tournaments with real money awards absolutely free without investing your own money. You can find freerolls for tournaments with the biggest prize funds on 888 Poker social networks or on our website.

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