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GGPoker is one of the poker rooms of a large Asian group GGNetwork, which is focused on recreational players. Among other numerous tournaments and satellites, various freerolls are held here daily.

Freerolls are such tournaments, where players don’t pay for participation, but get an opportunity to win real money. The prize fund in these tournaments is formed by poker room itself or its partners and often reaches several thousand dollars. Therefore, it is really attractive to participate in freerolls.

A huge advantage of freerolls at GGPoker is a rather weak competitive playing field, because most of the participants here are new players. On a daily basis in this poker room there are at least 5-7 free tournaments.

As a rule, at least 15-20% of participants reach the prize area, which is considered a solid level for such free tournaments.

Types of freerolls

All GGPoker freerolls are divided into 2 types, depending on the terms of participation:

  1. Open, where any player can register by simply clicking on the «Register» button in the tournament description.
  2. Closed, which can only be accessed by password or ticket for fulfilling certain requirements, such as making a deposit or inviting a new user.

Schedule of freerolls on GGPoker

The following freerolls are held regularly at GGPoker:

— “Stay at home” freeroll with $100 guarantee, held every hour from 01:00 to 14:00, available to all players.

— “Saturday Depositors” Freeroll with a $200 guarantee, available for players, who made first deposit — starts on Saturdays at 20:00;

— Telegram Chat Freeroll with a prize pool of 160$ for subscribers of GGPoker Telegram channel — starts at 20:00 on Sundays;

— Viber Chat Freeroll with a prize pool of 160$ for GGPoker community members in Viber — starts at 20:00 on Wednesdays.

Other freerolls with different conditions for participation are also held at GGPoker. Current schedule of free tournaments in available in the main poker room lobby. Open «Tournaments» and choose freerolls in the «Buy In» section.

The start time, prize pool, number of players and the size of the starting stack of each freeroll are indicated here.

How to find passwords to freerolls

Many freerolls on GGPoker are password-protected — you need to enter a password to access them. The advantages of such closed freerolls are higher prize pool and smaller number of participants, which increases the chances of players to get into the prize area and get big awards. You can find passwords to GGPoker freerolls from several sources:

— Emails of the poker room for registered users.

— In the GGPoker communities in Telegram and Viber.

— At third-party poker sites and forums.

— In the «Freerolls» section of our site or directly on this page.

We publish passwords to GGPoker freerolls every day as they appear in different sources. Be attentive — passwords to these free tournaments are published directly 15-30 minutes before they start.

You can also get passwords to some freerolls for performing special tasks on GGPoker.

What are the prizes in freerolls

Most often the prizes in GGPoker freerolls are real money prizes, which can be used for further play in the poker room or cashout. However, sometimes in such tournaments you can win other awards:

— Tournament money — used to enter any tournaments;

— Tickets to tournaments — allow to enter only certain tournaments;

— Other prizes — branded GGPoker merchandize, electronic devices and accessories.

Whatever is the prize in GGPoker Freeroll: cash, a ticket to tournament or merchandize, it brings some benefits to the player — to win in freerolls is always pleasant.

All GGPoker tournaments

Every hour at GGPoker more than 15 tournaments start in all ranges of buy-ins, starting from 0.20$. Below we introduce those tournaments, series and games, that deserve the most attention:

  1. Daily Guarantee tournaments with buy-ins of 2$, 10$, 15$, 20$, 30$, 50$, 80$ and 100$. The maximum guarantee here reaches 7,500$, and on Sundays it doubles.
  2. The most affordable daily Phoenix Rebuy tournaments with buy-ins of 0.2$ and 1$. The number of re-buys in them is unlimited.
  3. Daily Bounty Hunters tournaments with awards for opponent knock-out. You can enter for 2.1$, 10.5$, 31.5$ and 63$. You can also access them through various satellites.
  4. GGMasters Sunday tournaments with 150$ buy-in and a $500,000 guarantee. The best player of these tournaments at the end of the year gets an opportunity to become a GGNetwork ambassador. Re-buy or add-on in these tournaments are notallowed.
  5. Spin&Gold games with 3 players, where the size of the prize is determined randomly and can exceed the buy-in value of participants thousand times. Entry to these games is $1, $3, $5, $10, $20 or $50.

Almost each of these more or less significant GGPoker tournaments can be accessed through satellites, the cost of entering them starts at a few cents.

GGPoker freerolls is a great opportunity for all poker fans to compete for real money awards without any risk. Passwords to GGPoker freerolls can always be found on our website, where they appear instantly after being published in social networks or other sources.

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